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Advanced Mobile Hacking & Forensics Training [CAST|612]

Digital Mobile Forensics is fast becoming a lucrative and constantly evolving field, this is no surprise as the mobile phone industry has been witnessing some unimaginable growth, some experts say it may even replace the Computer for those only wishing to send and receive emails. As this area of digital forensics grow in scope and size due to the prevalence and proliferation of mobile devices and as the use of these devices grows, more evidence and information important to investigations will be found on them. To ignore examining these devices would be negligent and result in incomplete investigations. This growth has now presented new and growing career opportunities for interested practitioners in corporate, enforcement, and military settings. Mobile forensics is certainly here to stay as every mobile device is different and different results will occur based on that device requiring unique expertise.

This course was put together focusing on what today’s Mobile Forensics practitioner requires, some of the advanced areas this course will be covering are the intricacies of manual Acquisition (physical vs. logical) & advanced analysis using reverse engineering , understanding how the popular Mobile OSs are hardened to defend against common attacks and exploits.

Who should attend

Information security professional
Risk Assessment Professionals
Digital Forensics Investigators
Information Security Professionals
Mobile Developers
Penetration Testers - CEH Professionals
Law Enforcement Officers and Government Agencies
Attorneys, Paralegals and First Responders
Accountants and Financial Personnel
Anyone who deals with implementation, testing, security hardening of mobile devices

Recommended Certifications
Before attending this course, it’s recommended that students have:

CEH certification or equivalent knowledge
CHFI certification or equivalent knowledge.
A+ certification or equivalent knowledge.
Network+ certification or equivalent knowledge

[CAST|612] Syllabus

  1. Mobile Hacking and Digital Forensic Challenges
  2. Mobile Hardware Design for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and other devices
  3. Mobile Software design and the common boot process for Smart Devices
  4. Mobile Device Storage and Evidence Acquisition Techniques
  5. Advanced Mobile Attack Analysis
  6. Mobile Device Hacking Techniques and Tools
  7. Penetration Testing and Exploitation Vectors
  8. Mobile Forensic Hardware and Software Field Kits
  9. Forensic Software, Evidence Analysis and Reporting

Download Detail syllabus:    CAST 611   CAST 612      CAST 613      CAST 618      CAST 619   

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