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Advanced SQLi Attacks and Countermeasures [CAST|619]

SQL injection is the most commonly used attack to break the security of a web application. According to NTT’s Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR), cost for a 'minor' SQL injection attack exceeds $196,000. Database usage is on the rise, as well as the applications that interconnect databases, which makes SQL injection one of the top concern for IT security professionals.

SQL injection takes advantage of non-validated input vulnerabilities and injects SQL commands through a web application that are executed in a back-end database. Attackers use this technique to either gain unauthorized access to a database or to retrieve information directly from the database. Attackers can use the SQLi attacks to steal sensitive data, spoof identity, tamper database records, reveal database structure, delete entire DB, execute system commands, elevate privileges and compromise the whole system, perform DoS attack on the server, etc.

Advanced SQLi Attacks and Countermeasures course provides in-depth knowledge on diŽerent types of SQL injection techniques, how to detect vulnerabilities, automated SQL injection tools and various countermeasures to protect web application from attacks.

Who should attend

Database administrators
Web app developerss
Security auditors
Security professionals

[CAST|619] Syllabus

  1. Introduction to SQL Injection Attacks
  2. SQL Injection Attack Methodology
  3. Bypassing Filter, WAF, and IDS
  4. SQL Injection Defenses and Incident Handling

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