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Designing and Implementing Cloud Security [CAST|618]

Most businesses around the world, small and large, use multiple cloud services to handle business-critical data. Though cloud services offer improved efficiency, reduced costs, greater accessibility and flexibility, they also increase security risk. Cloud leaders focus on measures to reduce data breaches, maintain confidentiality, and preserve integrity, authenticity and completeness. Other areas of concern are risk factors associated with virtual machines, vulnerabilities from shared resources, and issues with encryption.
Recent hacking attacks on Dropbox, Google’s DNS, LinkedIn, etc. are only indications of larger threats to cloud services and data security. According to McAfee® Labs 2014 Threats Predictions report, deployment of cloud-based corporate applications will create new attack surfaces that will be exploited by cybercriminals.
The Designing and Implementing Cloud Security course provides comprehensive knowledge of cloud services, their characteristics, benefits, applications, and service models. The course will help professionals understand the risks and threats associated with cloud service adoption and migrating business-critical data to third party systems.
The program covers planning, designing, and implementing cloud security controls. It delves in to various cloud standards, countermeasures, and best practices to secure information in the cloud. The program also emphasizes the business aspects of cloud security such as cloud uptime, uptime guarantee, availability, fault tolerance, fail-over policy, and how cloud security strengthens the business case for cloud adoption.

Who should attend

IT Security Managers
Cloud Security Professionals
Database and Web Developers
Security Auditors and Compliance Managers
Network and System Administrator

[CAST|618] Syllabus

  1. Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  2. Designing a Secure Cloud Computing Environment
  3. Cloud Computing Standards
  4. Cloud Uptime and Availability
  5. Virtualization on Cloud
  6. Cloud Security
  7. Cloud Configuration and Patch Management
  8. Penetration Testing and Risk Assessment
  9. Cloud Computing Legal Issues
  10. Using iPhones, Tablets and other devices to Access Cloud

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