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Firewall Xpert

Network security technologies protect your network against the theft and misuse of confidential business information and guards against malicious attacks from Internet-borne viruses and worms. Without network security in place your company risks unauthorized intrusions, network downtime, service disruption, regulatory noncompliance and even legal action.

Network security does not rely on one method, but uses a set of barriers that defend your business in different ways. Even if one solution fails, others still stand, guarding your company and its data from a wide variety of network attacks. A strong security stance assures customers that sensitive information and confidential business details, will not be accessed and exploited.

An effective network security program can boost productivity across your organization. Employees spend less time on non-productive tasks such as sifting through spam or dealing with viruses. Matching the needs for today's business with the right security technologies, we bring this custom designed training programme on Firewall, IPS and UTM, that will enhance your skills to combat and secure your network even from the most advanced and sophisticated attacks from hackers and intruders, both internally and externally.

Training we offer:

Course Name  Firewall Xpert;
Course Duration  3 months 
Course Fee  Rs.35000 
Course Mode  Training Academy or On-site Training or E-Learning
Prerequisite  CCNA 

Firewall Xpert Syllabus

    Understanding The Security, Functionality and Ease of Use Triangle
  • Advanced Security Practices
  • Why do we need a firewall ?
  • Advantages and need to use IPS over firewalls
  • Need for a centralized security management, UTM

  • Firewalls & UTMs
  • Types of Firewalls
  • Bridge Mode, Routed Mode & Hybrid Mode
  • Basic Configuration
  • NAT and Routing
  • Filter Rules (Security Policy Rules)
  • URL Filtering
  • Authentication and types
  • Content Filtering
  • Anti-virus, Anti-spam
  • Logging and Reporting
  • VLANs
  • IPSEC VPN (site to site, client to site)
  • SSL VPN (Web VPN)
  • Failover (High Availability)
  • QOS
  • IPS (Traditional, ASQ and Fickle)
  • Threat Management (SEISMO)
  • Password Recovery
  • Back-up, Restore and Upgrade

  • Comparison between UTMs like Sonicwall, Fortinet, Juniper, Checkpoint, Cisco, Cyberoam & Netasq

    Introduction to Virtualization and Cloud Computing !!!

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